queen elizabeth ii
Queen Elizabeth II




The Queen, Her Majesty

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Middle Name

Alexandra Mary

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Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Queen Elizabeth II's Biography

Queen Elizabeth II is an extraordinary person, even by royal standards. First coronated in 1952, she is the oldest reigning monarch in the world, and the longest-lived ruler (queen or king) of England ever—something that’s evident by the sheer number of US Presidents she’s been photographed with.

Elizabeth also bears distinction as an exceptionally popular queen, despite presiding over some of the most turbulent periods in British history, and the popularity of the monarchy today can be attributed in large part to her even-handed grace.

Like her mother, Queen Elizabeth II enjoys herself a good Dubonnet Rouge. When she indulges, it’s typically a before-lunch affair, served as a cocktail made with gin, Dubonnet, and a lemon slice for garnish. As far as royal family drinks go, we think you could do a whole lot worse!

What Queen Elizabeth II Drinks

Dubonnet Cocktail

Gin, Dubonnet

A simple cocktail made with equal parts gin and Dubonnet Rouge, with a dash of bitters to tie everything together.

“I have in sincerity pledged myself to your service, as so many of you are pledged to mine. Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.”

-Queen Elizabeth II