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Pirates of the Caribbean, The Imitation Game, Pride and Prejudice, Bend It Like Beckham

Keira Knightley's Biography

Keira Knightley is an English actress who first shot to international fame with her role as Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. She got her start as a child actress in small commercial and TV roles, eventually finding a breakout in 2002’s Bend It Like Beckham.

Knightley has only spoken about alcohol on a handful of occasions, and it doesn’t seem like she necessarily has a single favorite drink. While pregnant, she told Ellen Degeneres that she had asked her doctor, “When can I drink? Please? I just want a Margarita!” Given Maslow’s Hierarchy of Booze Cravings (especially when you absolutely can’t have any), we can probably assume that this tequila cocktail is high on her list.

That said, she also told the Evening Standard that in the event of an untimely apocalypse, she’d probably be boozing it up with all her favorites. “We’d be dancing a lot and drinking a lot of [alcohol]. But not beer. I don’t like beer. Wine, vodka, whiskey … anything to make me forget about what’s happening outside.”

What Keira Knightley Drinks


Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Salt


A spirit distilled from fermented grain, typically aged in charred oak barrels.

“It’s not every day you get to do a pirate movie, you might as well go for it.”

-Keira Knightley